Sexy Wordplay: Jive Vs. Jibe (Bonus: Gibe)

When you agree with your friends, do you jive with them, or do you jibe with them? When you’re dancing in the 1950s, are you doing the jibe? If you’re making fun of somebody, are you gibing them?

Raise your hand if you assumed that jive was the right answer to all of these questions. 

(Me too, until a few weeks ago.)

If you want to show off your sexy vocabulary skills to all your friends, pour yourself a glass of full-fat eggnog and keep reading to learn the difference between jive and jibe (and whether or not you ever need to use gibe).


Sexy Wordplay: Flack vs Flak

When your editor-in-chief is ripping you a new one, are you getting flack or flak? What about when your B-52 bomber is being fired upon from the ground?

I thought this would be a simple enough distinction, but as soon as I started doing the research for this post, I found that there’s more to it than just flack vs flak. So light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and settle in for this month’s sexy wordplay!

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Playing With Wordiness

I edit web copy for a living. It’s…enlightening, to say the least.

One of the most intriguing things I’ve noticed over the years is how writers will pack their prose full of unnecessary words and phrases — usually in the hopes of making themselves sound smarter or of meeting the required word count for a freelance job.

I want to play with the kind of wordiness I see on a daily basis. I want people to understand my frustration (even though it’s not a Frustration Friday week). And I want to see if I can even create the kind of concision I expect from writers.

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