Talking Without Driving: Episode 01!


In this brand-new podcast, Amber and Lindsey talk about, well, basically everything — and we do our very best to stay on topic.

In episode 01, we discuss our New Year’s resolutions with a dash of musical theater, French cuisine, and antique home geekery.

Content warning: This episode contains a discussion of consent as it pertains to sexual assault, from 38:00 to 40:30. Feel free to skip if you need to! No judgement from us.

You can listen right here in our website:

Or you can visit our Soundcloud page.

In time, we plan to be accessible through iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and we will figure that out as we go. Until then, please bear with us and enjoy the episodes here!

Feel free to email or Tweet @DrivingTalking with any feedback, questions, comments, etc.! We’re brand new and this and we want to make sure we are Doing A Good, as the teens say.

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