Being a Human Is Exhausting

You guys. It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted. What??? Get ready for some #RealTalk. This is just going to be a long rant stream because I just want to get some stuff off my chest.

I swear, every year I have such high hopes for this blog, and every year I just…fall off the wagon. Granted, this year kicked my whole ass, but still! I like writing, I’m good at writing, so why is it so hard to keep up with this blog?

It doesn’t help that winter is here and the lack of sunlight is really draining, especially when I spend most daylight hours right here.

I am tired of feeling like I’m always playing catch up — with chores around the house, with the overflowing inbox of mail and documents that I need to file, with the ever-growing pile of laundry that I stash in the second bedroom so I don’t have to look at it (at least it’s clean?), with going to the gym 3 times a week, with reading books I want to read and watching movies I want to watch, with video games I want to play, with art and creative projects that I leave strewn around the house.

I feel like I have so many things that I want to do and I get overwhelmed and end up doing none of them. Where do I even start? I have like four coloring books hanging out around my house, each with half-colored pages. I have a half-finished painting of Navajoland that I really want to use as a gift but it’s been sitting there for like 8 months, gathering dust.

I don’t really have a conclusion for this post…

Hit me with your fave time management systems or ways to trick yourself into self-care!

2 thoughts on “Being a Human Is Exhausting

  1. Because I have A LOT on my plate, I’ve actually created a Google doc with a list of goals that I can reasonably do over the span of half a year. I can show you if you want specifics, but rather than trying to do everything within a month, I try determining what MUST be done in each specific month and what I can do later. Because you want to ENJOY these things, rather than rush through them.

    Also pro tip: I care about you and I know how frustrating this is. We all have different priorities and setbacks. And it’s not as simple as others say it is. You’ve dealt with a lot this year and so it’s only natural that things aren’t 100% perfect or manageable.


  2. Gwen

    I have the same problem. I mostly feel that there is not enough time for Me. The idea that I am piloting for myself: A dedicated Me Evening.

    The Rules:

    One scheduled evening a week is for Me. No chores, no work, no exceptions.
    Absolutely no social media.
    No internet, unless it is directly related to a creative project.

    My goal is to spend half of my me evening creating something, and the other half consuming something (which for now means a physical book).

    Last week’s Me Evening was magical. All I did was start researching Radio Dramas and read my book. Hopefully this week’s (tonight!) goes as well.


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