RIP, Frustration Friday

Frustration Friday started as a fun way to let off some steam. But the further we get into today’s political and cultural climate, the more Real my frustrations get. I don’t want to have a Frustration Friday post where I get bogged down in the existential crises facing our society right now, but those are most often the things I’m frustrated with.

So in light of the new year and the fact that I don’t want to get bogged down in an existential crisis, I think it’s time to put Frustration Friday on hiatus. (Never say never because I’m sure to be superficially frustrated one of these days.)

But I do still want to post regularly.

2 thoughts on “RIP, Frustration Friday

  1. Karen Tapahe

    How about a “feel good Friday” weekly post? I have found that I need to focus more on what went right instead of what went wrong. Not really managing to solve much when I dwell on the problems (unless I actually try to find a solution). Forcing myself to remember the good stuff I did, the positive things that happened, and even the great things I heard/read about puts me in a much better frame of mind.


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