Frustration Friday: Gerunds, Trick-or-Treating, Daylight Saving Time, and Migraines

I started this post a few hours ago by being like, “It’s been another relatively mild fortnight…” but it hasn’t really. I’m actually quite irritated and/or bummed out by certain events of the last few weeks. So here we go!

Gird your loins, my comrades. It’s Frustration Friday!


Most of you probably know that I write and edit web copy for a living, and you’re probably familiar with the grammar and punctuation rants I post on social media. My grammar frustration this week stems from one very specific critique we received at work.

The sentence in question said, “Having heated and air-conditioned restroom trailers allows your guests to be comfortable.”

The subject of this sentence is “Having heated and air-conditioned restroom trailers,” because “having” is a gerund, an -ing verb form that functions as a noun. That’s why the verb is “allows” and not “allow.”

But we got some feedback that downright insisted that the verb should be “allow.” I understand that our work should always be checked for accuracy, but we’re not wrong about this! These two sentences are different:

  • Having heated and air-conditioned restroom trailers allows your guests to be comfortable.
  • Heated and air-conditioned restroom trailers allow your guests to be comfortable.

Just… gerunds are A Thing, ok? Yeah, they seem weird at first but they’re really not and you use them all the time.


Halloween was this week. I didn’t even buy candy because I had a random bag of Reese’s cups and we only got a handful of trick-or-treaters last year.

This year, we got four. The doorbell rang four times. Granted, each time, there were two or three kids at the door, but I honestly expected more from the nation’s second-best city for trick-or-treating.

Where did everybody go? Do people just go trunk-or-treating instead these days? The fun of trick-or-treating isn’t the candy; it’s running around the neighborhood with your friends and being vaguely unsupervised for once.

I get that you might want to do something with your church group or school or whatever, but the trunk-or-treat should not take the place of neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Daylight Saving Time

Y’know how nice it is to get that extra hour of sleep when Daylight Saving Time finally ends? Sleeping that extra hour, even just for one night, is probably the greatest part of fall (aside from Halloween and all of October, like I’ve mentioned before).

It’s really, really sucky when Daylight Saving Time doesn’t end until November because the sun doesn’t come up until 8:00, and when it’s cloudy in the East like it was this morning, it’s incredibly difficult to get out of bed. Especially because I’m supposed to be at work at 8:00.

I’m tired. I want the sun to be up when I get up.

Dexter’s Frustrations: Migraines

Just migraines. That’s all.

What about you? Get those negative vibes out of your brain-space, my homies! Set them free in the comments!


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