Frustration Friday: Spatial Awareness, Paper Towels, & Bad Jokes

Once upon a time, I bought a domain name and uploaded a crapton of photos and then didn’t touch the site again for two months.

Lately, I’ve been super impressed with how well my friend Whitney manages her site, Wit & Travesty. Yesterday at lunch, we got to talking about how frustrating it can be to manage a site and come up with regular content, especially when you’re just starting out. She recommended picking a day of the week and coming up with a fun topic for that day, and she suggested “Frustration Fridays.”

If you know me at all, you know I’m always down for a good rant sesh. Buckle up, my dudes. It’s time for Frustration Friday.

Spatial Awareness

Something that has really bugged me this week is people who have no concept of spatial awareness. Granted, I’m not the best—it usually takes me about ten years to make a left-hand turn—but I feel like I’m OK around real people and not automotive death machines.

If you’re standing in a hall or near a doorway and somebody needs to get by, move your butt!

Paper Towels

The paper towel dispensers at work are always either jammed or empty. I don’t think it would bother me so much if the paper towels got refilled regularly, but there’s nothing worse than going to wash your hands at 8:30 in the morning and there are no paper towels.

Dexter’s Frustrations: Bad Jokes

My frustration right now is simple. I am not a paragon of comedy. I am not a good example of concise and relevant speech at all times.

That being said, some people don’t understand how to communicate their humor or excitement.

I don’t send a joke or reaction unless I feel it meets a certain standard of care. Some people think that a non-sequitur is the equivalent of a joke. Some people think nonsense is absurdist. Humor, while not exclusive in day-to-day interpersonal relationships, or fair to regulate, is still not a universal talent.

My jokes aren’t gold. Sometimes they aren’t even funny enough to register as a joke, and I know it. In spite of that, the reason my humor is successful in influencing others is that I care about what I’m saying.

Jokes are great, but not all the time and not in every place.

When someone asks directions to a place, save your jokes until after the person asking feels heard. The moment a joke gets in the way of a real need or blocks someone’s view, it is no longer funny.

This, of course, is all about workplace humor. I’m so friggin’ tired.

What have you been frustrated by this week? Get it off your chest!

2 thoughts on “Frustration Friday: Spatial Awareness, Paper Towels, & Bad Jokes

  1. My reoccurring frustration is getting random Instagram account follows—this whole “follow for a follow” thing. It’s like they wait a week and then unfollow me. I think the whole practice is dumb, especially since 90% of them wouldn’t consider me their target audience. They just want people for the numbers.

    What’s even more annoying is that they’ll leave quai-spammy comments on my photo to get my attention. Like, “Nice!” or “Nice pic!” The worst one was “Nice!” on a picture that was accompanied by text that was very personal, deep, and sad. You could tell they didn’t bother to read the text. I deleted the comment, I was that mad.


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