Morrison Knudsen Tunnels

The Morrison Knudsen (MK) Tunnels were built by the Department of Defense in 1948 for reasons unknown. Not even local residents who worked on the project knew why they was there or what the project was for.

There’s a whole network of subterranean tunnels, though we only saw one entrance.

When the tunnels were complete, explosives were detonated within and on the surface. But still, no one is quite sure what the tunnels were for or what the DoD was hoping to discover.

The MK Tunnels are one of six similar projects conducted by the DoD in the West, each in a different geological area.

Standing at the mouth of the tunnel, you can feel a frigid breeze blowing out from God knows where—better than air conditioning.

You can still see holes drilled into the sandstone for the placement of explosive charges.


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