Talking Without Driving 03: Solstice Train!

Are you tired? I’m tired.

I was also extremely tired when Lindsey and I sat down to record this week’s episode, so we get a little more off-topic than usual. We start off talking about good sleep habits and wound up talking about paradigm shifts and silly recorder Vines.

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an oversaturated microphone with the text "talking without driving because car talks are basically therapy" a podcast

Talking Without Driving: Episode 02

Welcome back to another episode of Talking Without Driving! In this episode, we talk about staying cozy during the winter months.

Disclaimer: We talk about a lot of delicious foods in this episode — don’t listen while hungry!

You can also find the episode here on our Soundcloud. And hopefully I’ll be able to figure out the whole iTunes thing soon!

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an oversaturated microphone with the text "talking without driving because car talks are basically therapy" a podcast

Talking Without Driving: Episode 01!


In this brand-new podcast, Amber and Lindsey talk about, well, basically everything — and we do our very best to stay on topic.

In episode 01, we discuss our New Year’s resolutions with a dash of musical theater, French cuisine, and antique home geekery.

Content warning: This episode contains a discussion of consent as it pertains to sexual assault, from 38:00 to 40:30. Feel free to skip if you need to! No judgement from us.

You can listen right here in our website:

Or you can visit our Soundcloud page.

In time, we plan to be accessible through iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, and we will figure that out as we go. Until then, please bear with us and enjoy the episodes here!

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Sexy Wordplay: Jive Vs. Jibe (Bonus: Gibe)

When you agree with your friends, do you jive with them, or do you jibe with them? When you’re dancing in the 1950s, are you doing the jibe? If you’re making fun of somebody, are you gibing them?

Raise your hand if you assumed that jive was the right answer to all of these questions. 

(Me too, until a few weeks ago.)

If you want to show off your sexy vocabulary skills to all your friends, pour yourself a glass of full-fat eggnog and keep reading to learn the difference between jive and jibe (and whether or not you ever need to use gibe).


Being a Human Is Exhausting

You guys. It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted. What??? Get ready for some #RealTalk. This is just going to be a long rant stream because I just want to get some stuff off my chest.

I swear, every year I have such high hopes for this blog, and every year I just…fall off the wagon. Granted, this year kicked my whole ass, but still! I like writing, I’m good at writing, so why is it so hard to keep up with this blog?

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The Triumphs and Trials of Dressing Deliberately, Part 1: The Purge

For the last ten years or so, I haven’t really had much success with my wardrobe. Back-to-school shopping really takes a backseat when you’re working a 9-to-5 all summer, which is exactly what I was doing every summer during college. So my wardrobe aspirations slowly trickled away, resulting in a closet full of $20 jeans and $5 t-shirts. And there I stayed, waking up each day to throw on whichever t-shirt was closest and pair it with my same-old ragged pair of Chucks.

I still have those Chucks and I still have a few $20 pairs of jeans, but I can count my t-shirts on one hand and have rules for wearing them. Take a look at how, over the course of a Saturday, I reinvented my wardrobe.

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Sexy Wordplay: Flack vs Flak

When your editor-in-chief is ripping you a new one, are you getting flack or flak? What about when your B-52 bomber is being fired upon from the ground?

I thought this would be a simple enough distinction, but as soon as I started doing the research for this post, I found that there’s more to it than just flack vs flak. So light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and settle in for this month’s sexy wordplay!

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